by Southview

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These are the singles that will be re-mixed and mastered for our official EP release!


released August 2, 2015

Written and performed by Southview



all rights reserved


Southview Tampa, Florida

On tour this coming November


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Track Name: Pins And Needles
Yeah, you already know
I'll poke at it until you're ready to go!
And right when you think that I'll never show
I'll be behind you, beside you
Inside of this hole we all fall into
When we've got nowhere to go...

And then you, you start to shake like you're SUPPOSED TO!
As if this, were anything but the COLD TRUTH!
I guess I'll be the one to bring the bad news
but don't say that I never told you

I wish I could take it all away (don't say, don't say)
So tell me, if I should fall back on a bad day...

Cause there's been a few times
When it's been too hard to take
When your heart begins to race
And your hands they start to shake

I don't think you wanna believe
But I wish you'd just take it from me...
Nobody in here's against you

So if it doesn't feel right
I don't blame you
When the best I can do
Is too often construed as something
I could give up on, or I could have dead wrong
You know I'm not looking for another let down

I'd do it all again
Just to get further away from them
Find my way back to you
Just like I never left

Yeah, it comes "full circle"
but it's a shady tree
I put it all on the line
You took it away from me

Sunrise, sunset
How could I forget?
You were nothing without me
That's what you don't get
How could you forget?

Sunrise, sunset
How could I forget?
I let you in and got burned
So now I'm writing this
How could I forget?

Cause there's been a few times
When it's been too hard to take
When your thoughts begin to race
And your hands they start to shake

See what I mean is
I think we'd kill this distance between us
If we could step back
and just see that it's usually over-thinking that ruins things
Track Name: Fake
It's like you don't see what's going on
but we can't help you, if you think you're never wrong
It's over, so just let it go
You know I'm not the only one who knows

Your time's done, I give up
I'm not waiting for it
To go down, with you now
You always ruin it
So don't act like you don't know
When everybody's been waiting on you

Truth be told, your endless circles are getting old
You know I'm not the only one who knows
You can't be contained, you can't be controlled
Half the things you say
They just dissipate right into thin air
It's like you didn't even care...
So why can't you see?

I've straightened up, and made amends
I've seen friends go, and I've paid my debts
You know I see things different
but I come from where nobody ever seemed to give a fuck
Recklessness and neglect
A product of something you could never forget
Until it plagues you night and day

Until there's nothing left of your heart

Now that the tables turned
I've got you right where I want you
Where you're never sure
If you could ever live this down
You've got something to say
But you won't make a sound

So I'm not here to fucking appease you
Take it or leave it, because I'll fucking leave you
Your broken music scene never meant a thing to me
Dried out, washed up, you're dead to me

You're a fake and I want nothing to do with you
Track Name: Sinkhole
Maybe this year I'll do something more
Get myself off of this floor
But I can't cause this town is a sinkhole
Where you left me with everyone I know
Stop denying your reasons
And realize where they're from
All of those days together
Now look where we've ended up

This place hasn't been the same, since you were around
but here I am, and now I'm ready to go
but you're nowhere to be found
My life was built on yours
so now I'm trying to move forward
Falling for you is never what it seems
or at least that's how it works for me

You said, you'd wait for me and keep the engines on the ground
but here I am, and now I'm ready to go
but you're nowhere to be found
I guess always and forever
only applies in fairweather
You can tell me you're sorry but that doesn't mean shit to me

So tell me what you were thinking
and if it felt right when you were leaving
So i can try to release these demons
all I ask for is a fucking reason