Whatever It Takes

by Southview

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This is how we wanted these songs to sound for you guys the first time they came out. Hope you enjoy.

Thanks to Connor, Dallas, Joey, Randall, Jared, Josh and Trey, Brian, Alicia, as well as our family and friends. We couldn't do this without you guys.



released December 9, 2015

Mixed and mastered by Cody Travis

"Whatever It Takes" is a 5 song EP written by Cody Travis and performed by Southview. Southview in these recordings is Ryan Holland on drums, Cody Travis on guitars and vocals, and Mat Henderson on bass and vocals.

Drums and Vocals were Engineered by Nine Four Studios
Assistant Guitar Engineering(Fake, Pins and Needles) by Matt Dalton
Vocal Engineering (Realize) by ABKA Studios



all rights reserved


Southview Tampa, Florida

On tour this coming November


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Track Name: Pins And Needles
Yeah, you already know
I'll poke at it until you're ready to go!
And right when you think that I'll never show
I'll be behind you, beside you
Inside of this hole we all fall into
When we've got nowhere to go...

And then you, you start to shake like you're SUPPOSED TO!
As if this, were anything but the COLD TRUTH!
I guess I'll be the one to bring the bad news
but don't say that I never told you

I wish I could take it all away (don't say, don't say)
So tell me, if I should fall back on a bad day...

Cause there's been a few times
When it's been too hard to take
When your heart begins to race
And your hands they start to shake

I don't think you wanna believe
But I wish you'd just take it from me...
Nobody in here's against you

So if it doesn't feel right
I don't blame you
When the best I can do
Is too often construed as something
I could give up on, or I could have dead wrong
You know I'm not looking for another let down

I'd do it all again
Just to get further away from them
Find my way back to you
Just like I never left

Yeah, it comes "full circle"
but it's a shady tree
I put it all on the line
You took it away from me

Sunrise, sunset
How could you forget?
You were nothing without me
That's what you don't get
How could you forget?

Sunrise, sunset
How could I forget?
I let you in and got burned
So now I'm writing this
How could I forget?

Cause there's been a few times
When it's been too hard to take
When your thoughts begin to race
And your hands they start to shake

See what I mean is
I think we'd kill this distance between us
If we could step back
and just see that it's usually over-thinking that ruins things
Track Name: In Keeping Composure
So let me start this off with -
"You don't know shit"
Your life was handed to you
Oh, how privileged...

That's not it
I've got so much more
I'm about to lay it out
like you've never seen before

I'm talking lowest lows
and thoughts that could make you sick
or how my words could twist into deeper consequence

this roller coaster
yeah it's a bumpy ride but -
you can depend on the ups and downs, every time

let it go and just keep composure
and never let it show how it wears on you
your demons can't find their way in if you don't want them to

i've had enough of your crooked games
your constant sobbing
and your disdainful ways

you can't burn your bridge
because it was never built
mine fell to the ground though
and it rots while you wilt

I'm not defined by who you think I'll be
I've cut all ties with those who only envy me
Desperate to hold onto your broken scene -
you'll look the other way when you know what it means

it's like a dark cloud that never seems go away
omnipresent through your brightest days
encompassing you in your darkest ways
the voices screaming inside when you've got nothing to say
the first thing on your mind and the last you'd wish to relate
and to put it in words is such an understate

I don't think you get it, but fuck it anyway
if you're only looking for an exit I'm afraid it's too late
I've had enough

Are the things I say just too much for you?
Is this a lack of tact or simply above you?

she said "people change"

or do they just grow?

and the bad parts of us, what about those?
Track Name: Fake (ft. John Hughes)
It's like you don't see what's going on
but we can't help you, if you think you're never wrong
It's over, so just let it go
You know I'm not the only one who knows

Your time's done, I give up
I'm not waiting for it
To go down, with you now
You always ruin it
So don't act like you don't know
When everybody's been waiting on you

Truth be told, your endless circles are getting old
You know I'm not the only one who knows
You can't be contained, you can't be controlled
Half the things you say
They just dissipate right into thin air
It's like you didn't even care...
So why can't you see?

I've straightened up, and made amends
I've seen friends go, and I've paid my debts
You know I see things different
but I come from where nobody ever seemed to give a fuck
Recklessness and neglect
A product of something you could never forget
Until it plagues you night and day

Until there's nothing left of your heart

Now that the tables turned
I've got you right where I want you
Where you're never sure
If you could ever live this down
You've got something to say
But you won't make a sound

[John Hughes of Chagrin Falls]
You shouldn't have played me like some kind of criminal
But under your mask you're far more cynical
You'll never be half the man you said you'd be
Dried out, washed up, you're dead to me

You're a fake and I want nothing to do with you
Track Name: Realize
and I think you know...
but you're lying through your teeth
and now it starts to show

We'd created a masterpiece
but the world will never know
I pushed myself to the point of no return
and that's exactly when you'd go

I'm waking up to a day you can't remember
I'm sleeping in on a morning you'll regret
"I can't wait I'm not getting any younger"
You'll get it right when you're knee-deep into it...

So I thought a lot about the things I'm not
I can't wait for you to realize
I'm not a thing that you want to stand by
but at least I'll be alive

You see the only thing that separates you from me
is your lack of pride, and your hopes to be -
Mediocrity, breeds complacency
I thought I'd told you but I guess not this time

And I think you know
but you're lying through your teeth
And now it starts to show

We'd created a masterpiece
but the world will never know
I pushed myself to the point of no return
and that's exactly when you'd go

Let go, I guess
Clean up your mess
You can't hang, it got too hard
Barely played your part

I hope this bitter blood
explains to you I've had enough
I'm always stuck doing everything
but you'll bitch and moan about anything

I was out on a limb
stuck on a dire branch
It wasn't enough just to sag
but you held my hands behind my back
As I watched you douse down everything
I lit the match
but you didn't do a single thing but

Find a way it wouldn't land close to me

(I can't help you if you don't want to be anywhere but here)